Kubernetes Workshop: Advanced

This workshop is geared towards teams that have implemented Kubernetes within their organisations and would like to further their Kubernetes journey by learning about the best practices around configuring a production-ready, enterprise-level Kubernetes cluster.

This workshop is only relevant to attendees that have Kubernetes currently deployed either in a development or production environment.


This workshop is tailored to the attendees’ current Kubernetes set up and hence the agenda will be different depending on the needs of the team/organisation.

This workshop requires the attendees to spend time with the workshop organiser to evaluate the deployed Kubernetes cluster. After the evaluation, the organiser will then draft a roadmap on how to improve the Kubernetes cluster going forward.


The workshop organiser will first assess the deployed Kubernetes cluster and understand the current development workflow and team structure. After gaining some insights to the organisation, the organiser will assess the Kubernetes cluster based on a Kubernetes maturity model.

The outcome of the assessment will be presented to the attendees and a forum will be held where any cluster improvements are discussed. The discussion will revolve around best practices such as: automation (continuous integration and delivery), security, performance, stability and resource management.

A remediation plan/roadmap will be presented as an outcome of the workshop.

Key Focus Areas

  • Kubernetes maturity evaluation
    • What is the current state of my Kubernetes cluster?
  • Kubernetes best practices
    • How do I harden my Kubernetes cluster?
  • Kubernetes automation, security, performance, stability and resource management
    • What tooling and workflows can I follow to ensure that my Kubernetes cluster is in the best shape?


The attendees are given the opportunity to have their Kubernetes cluster evaluated by an expert. The attendees will learn about the best practices in deploying a production-ready, enterprise level Kubernetes cluster. At the end of the workshop, the attendees are given a plan which they can follow to improve their Kubernetes cluster.