Test-Driven Development

When developing software solutions, automated tests are the only thing standing between a robust, reliable solution, and a brittle and frustrating experience for end-users.

This workshop focusses on the theory and practice of automated software testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD).

The workshop will use Python to illustrate the process of test-driven development, but this may be changed as required.


An industry expert will show (through a live-coding session) the process and benefits of both testing and TDD. Both the theory and practical “from-the-trenches” knowledge is employed to deliver useful and immediately-employable content. The workshop is three hours in duration.

Key Focus Areas

  • Why testing code is important
  • Misconceptions when it comes to testing code
  • The differences between testing and TDD
  • Practical examples of testing
  • What and when to test
  • What not and when not to test
  • Advanced:
    • Testing frameworks
    • Integrating tests with CI/CD pipelines
    • Stubbing and mocking


At the end of the workshop, attendees should be empowered to employ both testing and TDD in their in-flight and new software projects. By employing a pragmatic approach to testing, they will deliver more reliable and more robust software.