Unlock the Power of Gen AI for Fintech with AWS

 3 April 2024
 Host: AWS
  Webinar Recordings

Over 70% of businesses see GenAI as a growth opportunity but view it as a confusing and risky gamble. We’ve spoken to numerous businesses and developers, and the sentiment is clear—it feels overwhelming. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Overview of AWS Services in Gen AI
  • High Impact Gen AI Use Cases in FinTech
  • Gen AI Use Case Considerations

Transforming Businesses using AI

 27 March 2024
 Host: BI Technologies Africa
  Roundtable Recordings

The BI Technologies Africa Digital Think Round Table Series is a monthly event that is focused on shaping the digital transformation landscape in South Africa.

In this event, the following topics are discussed:

  • Embedding AI into the Organization Strategy
  • Data Governance Enhances AI implementations
  • Challenges faced when implementing AI
  • Practically implementing AI solutions
  • Creating an Organization AI Culture

Unlocking Business Strategies with GPT Models

 4 March 2024
 Host: Techways
  Interview Recordings

Our COO, Greg Desilla, recently joined Joanne Brink from TechWays to discuss the transformative potential of GPT models, which are built on vast, internet-sourced datasets.

By integrating proprietary data, businesses are able to fine-tune these models for next-level customization, providing tailored solutions that create unique strategic advantages.

In this discussion, Greg covers:

  • The transformative potential of GPT models
  • How integrating proprietary data enhances model customization
  • The strategic advantages of tailored solutions


How businesses can benefit from enterprise Machine Learning

 7 November 2023
 Host: What’s Next with Aki
  Interview Recordings

Merelda discusses the challenges and benefits businesses gain from creating their own enterprise ML platforms.

In this interview, she covers:

  • The major benefits of enterprise ML platforms
  • How businesses can maximize the value of ML platforms
  • The importance of multi-skilled teams in ML development
  • Tips to accelerate delivery while retaining quality
  • How data teams can demonstrate the ROI of enterprise ML platforms

Technology & Investment Landscape for MAD

 11 November 2023
 Host: Mineworks Investment Committee (MIC)
  Slide Deck

Merelda was invited by the Mineworks Investment Company (MIC) to discuss the Machine Learning, Analytics, and Data (MAD) Landscape. As an AI expert, she addressed:

  • The global AI landscape and its relevance to South Africa
  • Challenges facing South African corporates
  • Emerging global and local trends
  • Monetising data and AI
  • Investment opportunities

Building Enterprise ML Platforms: Challenges & Learnings

 26 September 2023
 Host: AWS
  Talk Recordings

A summary of how Melio AI helped clients unlock exponential value with custom enterprise ML platforms.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • 3 Key Challenges of Building Enterprise ML Platforms
  • 3 Key Learnings from Building Enterprise ML Platforms with Our Customers
  • 6 Steps on How to Build Enterprise ML Platforms Today

Receipt Enhancement using Image Processing

 6 October 2023
 Host: PyCon ZA
  Talk Recordings

Divyan Hirasen and Verosha Pillay co-presented a talk shedding light on a topic that’s important for anyone interested in image processing and organizing personal finance with receipt management.

In this presentation, they covered:

  • The need for efficient receipt information extraction
  • Utilising OCR and image processing techniques
  • Insights into creating a practical Proof of Concept (PoC) for enhanced receipt tracking
  • How image processing methods can simplify personal finance organization by extracting and categorizing information from receipts

How to build a data pipeline without data: Synthetic data generation and testing with Python

 6 October 2023
 Host: PyCon ZA
  Talk Recordings

This talk addressed a common challenge faced by data scientists and engineers: verifying the validity of data pipelines when real data is not available for testing.

In this presentation, Ruan covered:

  • Clever techniques using Python to generate synthetic data
  • Maintaining the integrity of the expected data distribution
  • Insights on how synthetic data can significantly shorten the lifecycle in developing data products

Starting an AI Project in 2023 - the Do’s and Don’ts

 6 July 2023
 Host: The Delta
  Talk Recordings

Merelda Wu, Co-Founder and CEO, was the keynote speaker for the “Delta Connect: Embracing AI: Reshaping the Landscape of Venture Building” conference. She provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain insights into integrating AI into startup ventures.

In this presentation, she covered:

  • Identifying opportunities to leverage AI
  • Starting an AI project in your startup
  • Readiness for embracing AI technology

The Power of Artificial Intelligence for SMEs

 17 April 2023
 Host: TechTribe Accelerator, SA Innovation Summit
  Download Slides

Merelda in collaboration with SA Innovation Summit, shared how small businesses can adopt AI to generate incremental value for businesses.

In this presentation, she covered:

  • The readiness for AI adoption
  • Common challenges and advice for startups
  • Building a data and AI roadmap as a journey
  • Case studies illustrating AI maturity
  • A practical framework to build a custom AI strategy

How to accelerate time-to-value from your AI/ML use cases

 20 September 2022
 Host: AI Expo
  Download Slides

Greg Desilla explored how to derive business impact, competitive advantage, and enhanced decision-making from AI/ML.

In this presentation, he covered:

  • The global AI/ML landscape and its impact on business
  • Challenges in achieving rapid time-to-value
  • Defining “value” in AI/ML investments
  • Strategies for generating business impact, competitive advantage, and enhanced decision-making
  • Overcoming business, process, technology, and data challenges

Additionally, we’ve published a blog post on this topic.

Building an MLOps Stack for Companies at Reasonable Scale

 14 December 2022
 Host: Deep Learning Indaba
  Download Slides

Merelda explored the implementation of MLOps for businesses not primarily focused on AI.

In this presentation, she covered:

  • The necessity of MLOps for a broad range of companies
  • Principles over technology and conventions over configurations
  • A reasonable MLOps stack to ship reliable ML faster
  • Practical steps and decision frameworks for MLOps implementation
  • Demonstrations of collaboration and endpoint deployment on GCP

Bridging the Last-Mile Deployment Problem with MLOps

 3 September 2020
 Host: AI Expo
  Full Recordings

Merelda offered valuable insights into overcoming deployment challenges and establishing effective MLOps practices to ensure successful AI project implementations.

In this presentation, she covered:

  • Challenges enterprises face in scaling AI projects from proofs of concept to full deployment
  • Common deployment failures
  • Introduction to MLOps principles
  • Practical steps for setting up successful AI deployments