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You have the data and the model, but you still can't see the return on investment for your AI projects.
Research shows that 50 - 90% of AI models are never commercialized because of the "last-mile" deployment problem.

Machine learning operationss
ML Ops

Melio practices Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) by bridging the gap between data and IT Ops teams.
We help you convert your data to business value by deploying your models into production.

With Melio, you will enjoy:

  • Reproducible machine learning with transparent data and model versioning
  • Successful and sustained deployment of machine learning in production
  • Enforcement of governance policy with strong MLOps strategy

We iterate fast by simplifying data and build with stable infrastruture with cloud-native technologies

Cloud First

You pick a cloud provider.
We optimise the solution to provide stable infrastructure at the lowest cost.

Floating DevOps cloud Floating DevOps cloud

Data driven

You provide your data.
We extract the business value using human-in-the-loop machine learning.

Floating machine learning cloud Floating machine learning cloud

You can get tangible business value as fast as 7 days.
Following a phased approach, we help clients Design, Build and Maintain impactful solutions.

Find out about our proven methodology here

Be part of our success

See how we used our expertise in AI to help organisations identify issues and build the right solution for it.
We have successfully worked with organisations in different industries such as finance, health care, and tech.

Meet the Team

Successful machine learning implementation calls for a diverse skillset in MLOps.
Our team has data science, engineering and infrastructure capability to support your needs.

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We conduct ideation workshops to help you brainstorm your most important business questions.
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