Melio is a product and consulting AI start-up, focusing on designing and building world-class software solutions.

We are always on the lookout for bright and passionate engineers to join our team!

  • Our vision is to empower people to accomplish more with AI.
  • Our mission is to make AI frictionless for everyone.

Our most important Values


We practice radical candour.

This means that we care for our team personally and encourage the team to challenge each other directly.

We believe people do their best work when they are respected and have trust in the leadership. So we create an environment that is open and honest, where debates are welcomed and decisions are made collaboratively.


We are always learning and thrive in finding the best way to solve the problem.

As a fast-paced start-up, our day-to-day is never the same. We love taking up new challenges and have the flexibility to go above and beyond the call of duty. We are up-to-date with the industry trends, read far and wide to expand our knowledge.

Our team creates their personal learning plan that encourages growth and accelerates career progression.

Long-term thinking

We iterate fast, but we keep the long-term goal in mind.

We practice agile (scrum), but we never use it as an excuse to write bad code. We adopt documentation-driven development and emphasise on good engineering design upfront rather than sticky tape solutions together.

We take pride in your code (and our docs). We thrive to be good engineers.

Be an advocate

We love tech and want to share our love with the world.

We encourage writing papers, blogs, attending meet-ups and conferences. We give our people a voice and help them build a professional portfolio while growing at Melio.

Why work at Melio?

Besides building cool stuff and having fun:

  • The chance to be a rapidly growing start-up and shape the direction of the company.
  • A competitive base salary: we hire the best, so we expect to pay them the best!
  • Bi-annual performance-based bonus
  • 20 days of leave, with an extra day every 3 years at the company
  • Curiosity grant: we want to help you learn & grow as a technical professional. This includes relevant certifications, MOOCs, etc.
  • Be an advocate grant: a little reward in giving some of your knowledge back to the community. This includes remuneration for writing articles, speaking at meet-ups and conferences, writing papers, etc.)

Final Words

We give a lot of latitude and flexibility to our people because people do their best work when they are respected. At the same time, we also expect you to manage yourself and be a grown-up.

We drink a lot of coffee (and tea) and have a lot of fun. Sometimes when life is hard, we drink some beer and carry on. We don’t always get to work on what we love, but we try to convince our clients to see the light and let us work on the cool stuff.

If you want to work in a start-up, and also want to see what’s out there in the world, then come join us.

Let’s make AI frictionless together.