CNCJ - June, 2022

Cloud-native machine learning: Kubeflow success stories


For our June meet-up, we have scheduled a panel discussion to talk about Kubeflow: The Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes. We invited cloud-native specialist Harry Lee, machine learning manager Axel Tidemann and techie-turned-CEO Marko Salic to chat about their Kubeflow success story.

Gartner estimated that 85% of companies manage their hybrid and multi-cloud ML environments with cloud-native technologies (Kubernetes). Cloud-native is the de facto for AI-native companies, but it can be difficult to select the best-of-breed tools for your organisation.

We selected our panel to cover the entire MLOps spectrum. From data & machine learning with Axel; DevOps and software engineering with Harry, and the union of business and technology with Marko. If you want to learn about the tradeoffs experts consider when selecting tools & platforms, look no further :)

[Technicality Rating: 2/4]

Meetup Event link: Cloud-native machine learning: Kubeflow success stories