CNCJ - Feb, 2020

Webinar - Kubernetes Fundamentals


We enjoyed how Roger simplifies the complex jargons and concepts into simple analogies. The demo on local deployment of a Kubernetes cluster was easy-to-follow and comprehensive.

Here is a summary on one of the Q&A’s:

  • ❓ What is the landscape of Kubernetes in South Africa enterprise? Are they using it in production or are still hesitant?
  • 💬 Enterprise are paying a conscious effort in developing the competency in cloud-native technologies. There are many corporates who are running Kubernetes in production already. Those who are not, have started their journey or are testing workloads on an established Kuberentes enviornment. In the next 2 years, we will see a lot more Kubernetes clusters in production.

Session Recording

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Google Docs: Webinar - Kubernetes Fundamentals