Kubernetes Workshop: Fundamental

Introduction to Kubernetes basics including theory and a hands-on playground.

This workshop is best suited for attendees that have no experience with Kubernetes and would like some hands-on experience with a real Kubernetes cluster.

This workshop is structured for attendees who has no experience with Kubernetes. Some experience with containerisation technology is recommended. Ideally, the attendees should have completed Docker: Introdocktion.


This workshop introduces attendees to the Kubernetes basics from a software development perspective. This workshop aims to give attendees an all-rounded experience working with Kubernetes, from theory to implementation. This workshop offers a glimpse into the capabilities of Kubernetes as a container orchestration engine. Please refer to Kubernetes Workshop: Intermediate and Kubernetes Workshop: Advanced for further in-depth Kubernetes training.

This workshop consists of two segments: theory and hands-on. The theory segment includes a talk/presentation followed by a discussion. The hands-on segment includes several assignments in the form of time-boxed laboratories.

Key Focus Areas

This workshop has 3 key focus areas:

  • Kubernetes Core Concepts
    • Why, when and where should Kubernetes be used?
  • Kubernetes Control Navigation/Usage
    • What is kubectl and how do you use it?
    • How do you debug Kubernetes with kubectl?
  • Kubernetes Development Workflow
    • What does a software development workflow involving Kubernetes look like?


The attendees will get a firm grasp of basic Kubernetes concepts and provision applications into the cluster by using Kubernetes resource configs/manifests. The attendees will gain a basic understanding of the inner workings of Kubernetes on a conceptual level. Attendees will learn how to interact and debug Kubernetes using both the command line interface (kubectl) and graphical user interface (Kubernetes Dashboard).