CNCJ - July, 2021

Transforming into a zero-bug super developer on Kubernetes


For our July meetup, we have Lepolesa Libete coming to explore a cool Kubernetes tool: DevSpace with us.

DevSpace helps developers build applications that run on Kubernetes. It brings the deployment environment (i.e. Kubernetes) closer to developers working on the application. This empowers developers to collaborate and discover issues early during development.

DevSpace lets you start the entire deployment workflow with a single command. This allows for seamless redeployment of development changes. DevSpace aims to unify your deployment workflow within Kubernetes, and it is packed with built-in automation for repetitive tasks (such as docker image building and deployment). [Technicality rating: 2/4]

👤 Speaker: Lepolesa Libete

Lepolesa is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Melio AI. He is always experimenting with better ways for developers to deploy their code into production. As a full stack developer himself, he is able to empathise with the developers’ pain points. This allows him to focus on delivering the best development workflow for both the development and operations teams.

🗓 Agenda: (Total Duration: 60 minutes)

Short Presentation:

  • What is DevSpace?
  • How does DevSpace help you resolve development issues early? Demo:
  • How you can integrate DevSpace into your development workflow

Session Recording