Our Use Cases

Melio builds end-to-end solutions.
Following our phased approach, we have helped clients in
financial, telecommunications and entertainment industries deliver impactful solutions.

Early warning distress system for corporate investment clients

Designed and deployed a machine learning model to predict high-risk corporate and investment banking clients. The model input consisted of multiple internal and external data sources. The results are then visualised on an interactive dashboard. The input data and the explanation of the prediction are all included in the dashboard.

The model is able to highlight the distressed clients 5 months before they default. With the risk managers, the model reduces unexpected losses across credit products. The dashboard enables relationship managers to transition from reactive to proactive risk management.

Identifying merger and acquisition leads from news data

Designed and implemented a near real-time system to predict business leads. The machine learning model notifies the client manager if a news article indicates a business opportunity. The results are then tailored to the client managers based on their portfolio and clientele.

This reduces the time spent on manually curating news articles from multiple sources, whereby empowers the client managers to be more proactive in business development.

Retail and business banking rolling forecast for the budgeting process

Implemented a forecasting model to assist with budgeting and assigning sales targets. The model uses financial drivers to forecast the closing balance, interests generated and fees earned for the period.

This assists with the monthly budget planning and the subsequent sales target alignment. As a result, the finance managers and regional managers are able to have a more fruitful performance discussion

Augmented analytics to automate insight generation from finance data

Designed and implemented an augmented analytics solution within the finance dashboard. Using advanced analytics, insights are embedded within the dashboard used across the Group.

The dashboard enables finance managers to spot anomalies or opportunities easily, and empowers them to better support their business partners.