Time savings for finance team on monthly financial reporting automation


with Microsoft AX Dynamics

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“ The solution saves me a lot of time every month and we look forward to expand it to rest of the business ”

Finance Manager - Quote is paraphrased

Case Study



Company Size

501 - 1,000 employees

Problem Space




Data Engineering

Technology Used

Python   FastAPI


Docker   VueJS

S3   AWSLambda

Business Context

The medium-sized manufacturing company acquired multiple businesses around the world, which all have different ERP systems. The finance team spends a tremendous amount of manual effort every month to create the consolidated management report. The legacy ERP system was inflexible, resulting in frustration, loss of time and many manual errors are crept in due to the high friction technology environment.


Creating monthly finance reporting is slow and error-prone
  • Inflexible ERP systems that takes a long manual hours to extract underlying data for the monthly management report.
  • Manual copy pasting from multiple reports resulting in lots of error & require audit.


Creating an adhoc & batch finance report automation pipeline

The solution allows the finance managers to create financial reports on an adhoc basis with a one-click button, as well as have the monthly reports automatically generated.

Finance Report Automation saves 80% of recon time

The solution frees up the finance manager to audit the findings rather than wrangle with Excel files


The solution is optimised that the running cost is almost free on AWS


> 80% time savings in the finance managers monthly reporting cycle


The entire finance team can have a central view of the reports generated