Docker: Introdocktion

A hands-on workshop to the world’s most popular containerisation technology!

Attendees will learn about the fundamental building block that enables technologies such as Kubernetes. The hands-on portion of this workshop emphasises on how Docker can enhance software development workflows.

This workshop is best suited for attendees that have no experience with Docker but are familiar with software development (no pre-requisites on any specific programming language).


This workshop introduces attendees to the basics of using Docker from the developer’s and operation’s perspective and consists of two segments: theory and hands-on. The theory segment focuses on the significance of containerisation technology on modern software development workflows. The hands-on segment focuses on Docker usage and is delivered in the form of a laboratory with a series of problems and tasks.

Key Focus Areas

This workshop has 3 key focus areas:

  • Docker core concepts
    • Why, when and where should Docker be used?
  • Docker best practices
    • How do you configure and use Docker?
    • How do you write a Dockerfile?
  • Docker development approaches
    • How do you use docker-compose as part of a development workflow?


At the end of this workshop, attendees will gain a better perspective of how containerisation technologies can enhance software development workflows and reduce contention between development and deployment. Completing this workshop will give attendees a firm foundation to move on to more complex container management platforms and Kubernetes Workshop: Fundamental.