Our Methodology

Melio builds solutions that deliver tangible business value.
Following a phased approach, we help clients Design, Build and Maintain impactful solutions.

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Define Business Questions

We'll help you discover a business problem/question solvable with data science. Using our experience across industries we can guide you through managing the risks and expanding opportunities available to you.

Assess Environment Readiness

We assess if you have access to the right data and infrastructure to solve the business question. As experts in DevOps and MLOps, we understand the analytics journey and can proactively prepare you for 4IR.


Design Analytics Roadmap

We design and compare solutions that are suitable for you. Using a proven framework, we create a sustainable roadmap for your business by helping you prioritise your use cases.

Setup Infrastructure

Next we set up a cloud-enabled pipeline that will ensure reliability and scalability at the lowest cost. Our vendor-agnostic approach is also suitable for those with complex cloud requirements.


Build Proof of Concept

We build PoC's to prove business value through fast iterations. Additionally, we pave the road to production by building our PoCs with the end in mind.

Refine Continuously

We constantly learn about your business and are always refining our assumptions. This ensures 100% alignment while we continuously hand over developments.


Deploy Model

We follow software development best practices and deploy accurate and scalable models. Our automated pipeline allows your team to focus on running the business.

Logging & Monitoring

We manage the pipeline and model health proactively with a well-architected framework. This prevents any data/model drift that may damage your business.


Visualise Metrics

We deliver continuous value throughout the development life-cycle. Through clear and open communication, you always know where the project is at every step of the way.

Contact Us

We conduct ideation workshops to help you brainstorm your most important business questions.
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